Birthing from Within: An Extra-Ordinary Guide to Childbirth Preparation
by Pam England

Ina May’s Guide to Childbirth
by Ina May Gaskin
Features a nice section on questions for your midwife or physician.

Active Birth : The New Approach to Giving Birth Naturally
by Janet Balaskas

Birth Reborn
by Michel Odent

Gentle Birth, Gentle Mothering:
by Sarah Buckley

Special Delivery
by Rahima Baldwin

Rediscovering Birth
by Sheila Kitzinger

The Year After Childbirth: Enjoying Your Body, Your Relationships, and Yourself in Your Baby’s First Year
by Sheila Kitzinger


Birth Day

Birth As We Know It

Born into Water

The Business of Being Born

Gentle Birth Choices

I Watched My Brother Being Born

In a Simple Way, A Child is Born

It’s My Body, My Baby, My Birth


Spinning Babies – Belly Map

Birthing From Within
Pam England’s site that supplements the book.

Mother & Child Health
A great resource of articles on nutrition, health, and birth.

Childbirth Connection

Cold and Allergy Remedies Compatible with Breastfeeding

There are a great number of websites designed to help you calculate your due date, track the baby’s development week by week, and meet up with other parents online.  Some of them are really terrible, most are just sort of awful, and at this point we have found none that we can recommend because of the plethora of ads for unnecessary products and the lack of information on natural and alternative choices in pregnancy and childbirth.  If we find a site we like, we will update this page.

Childbirth Classes

Contact Brandi Thorne for information on Childbirth Education classes.

Doula’s serving Wichita

Doula Match